Today in Tha Wire U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder prepares to sue Ferguson Police Department and a tour manager of Nicki Minaj is stabbed to death.


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CNN reports "a pattern of racially discriminatory tactics used by officers" is the reason U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder is looking into filing a lawsuit against the Ferguson Police Department.

Based of results of a DOJ investigation into the death of Michael Brown, the Ferguson Police Department has exhibited a pattern of discrimination against African Americans. Holder is expected to make an official announcement in the near future, but it's looking like he will sue the Ferguson PD if they don't make some immediate and extensive changes to stop their racially discriminatory practices.

If they don't do it on their own, feds will make them do it.  For example, request court supervision over the department’s involvement with the minority community.

Finally, tragedy has struck the Nicki Minaj camp.  AllHipHop News reports the two members of the rap femcee's entourage were stabbed.  The Young Money rapper announced the sad news on her Twitter page yesterday(Wed. Feb. 18), revealing that two members of her team were stabbed in Philadelphia on Tuesday, and one of the men was killed.

Philly's NBC 10 is reporting an argument involving the two men and some locals at the Che Bar & Grill.  The disagreement spilled out into the street and a 29-year-old man was stabbed to death. Another 27-year-old man suffered multiple stab wounds and was taken to the hospital.  Nicki tweeted:

Two members of my team were stabbed last night in Philly. One was killed. They had only been there for two days rehearsing for the tour.

Both Nicki and Brooklyn rapper Fabolous posted pics of the victims of the stabbing. They identified the hospitalized man as Eric Parker and the man that died as Day Day.  Below is a look at Twitter posts:

#Rp @myfabolouslife – these guys flew into Philly for my tour rehearsals 2 days ago and were both stabbed last night. #RIPDAYDAY condolences to your family. Unbelievable. Eric (on the right) is recovering. Another senseless act of violence that took the life of a great guy. So sad.

My heart is heavy right now… God opened my eyes this morning at 9:49am. For some reason at that time I woke up thinking about both of these guys. They both work with me, but I couldn’t figure out why they were in my mind at 1st wake up. Wasn’t sure if I had a dream & they were in it or just some wake up & process things type shit.. But at 10:04 my brother hit me & told me that they both were fatally stabbed in Philly last night. My friend@daydaydoesdis (left) died & my friend Eric Parker is in critical condition in the hospital fighting for his life. I am still in shock & don’t want to believe this. And it hurts even more knowing how good these two dudes are. How hard these guys work. And how loyal they are to whoever they are down with & each other. Please send Eric Parker your blessings & a prayer for him to pull thru. And RIP to the fallen soldier Day Day. I can’t even believe I’m saying that with your name attached to it. & I HATE this being a post!! I will miss your energy, your vibe, & you but I’ll hold on to your spirit!! #RIPDayDay

In the meantime a investigation into what happened is ongoing.  Chief Inspector Scott Small told AllHipHop, “We believe that both of the victims, as well as the perpetrator, were all inside of this bar and that’s when an argument started."

For even more details on this tragic story listen the Tha Wire now. Plus get the reason the DOJ found Ferguson's Police Department was using discriminatory tactics against minorities.