Alright I have been waiting on this moment for the return of "True Blood" and I have to admit the anticipation was high in the household. The previews and the trailers had me in stitches as I waited patiently and also saw that there were new characters that were going to be appearing. The question is, did the show live up to my expectations well......The answer is YES, although I am not a big fan of the Twilight series and other vampire knockoff shows, I have to admit last night really did me justice as far the return of "True Blood". There were plenty of questions left in my mind after the show was over, but I am sure they will be answered soon enough. I am happy that there is going to be a possible resurrection of Tara. The funny thing is, she was a handful as a human, imagine how she will be as a vampire? As always there are my favorite characters like Lafayette and of course Eric, but the intimate thing with your sister Eric, really? All I can say is that I am truly awaiting on next Sunday as there will be plenty of new drama to grasp and I will be locked in front of my television to take it all in. Props to the cast and crew of "True Blood" you have officially done it again!