There's been a lot of talk about a record by Diggy Simmons, "What You Say To Me" that was leaked on the internet recently.  In the song, Diggy goes in on J. Cole.  The question is why?  Well, recently he sat down with to explain just that.



That pretty much some things up.  So, far there has been no response from J. Cole.  In the meantime, Diggy dropped his highly anticipated album a week ago.  To learn more, press play to hear Tha Wire.

By the way, as previously reported PETA has a ton of Hip-Hop artist that's jumped on the ban wagan in support of their cause and to stop animal abuse.  Namely Waka Flocka Flame that's gone as far as going nude, in the fight the stop people from wearing animal fur.  Yesterday I told you PETA had released details that they planned on dropping a "Yo! PETA Raps" CD this summer. play to find out more about the album.

Meanwhile, former super producer Scott Storch is in the middle of yet another lawsuit.  He's being sued for taking a woman's money and never holding up his end of the bargain.  Find what his end of the bargain was and how much money he received.  Plus, get all the details on the amount the woman is suing him for now.

Finally, this will also serve as TODAY'S BONUS STORY, but Nick Cannon has had some serious issues with his health.  Out of the blue, during the Christmas holidays he was hospitalized and diagnosed with kidney failure.  Then in February, found himself back in the hospital all to be diagnosed with yet another serious disease.  Recently he launched a documentary about his struggle.



Wow, get better Nick.  For more details about Nick's documentary and the rest of today's news, press play now.  Listen the Tha Wire now: