With all the technology and medical access we have here in the U.S., we still haven't taken the HIV/AIDS virus seriously.  The statistics are alarming and people are dying senselessly.  There's only two things you need to do to protect yourself. 

One, use protection EVERY TIME you engage in sexual activity.  Two, get tested and know your status.  Those two things alone, can save your life and the lives of others.  There is no reason for this disease to still be a major factor in our day and age, but somehow it is.

Even more alarming is it's real close to home.  There's well over 1,000 cases in the Lake Charles area alone, and that's just cases that have been reported.  Even worse, there are thousands more having unprotected sex, who haven't been tested and don't know their status.  It's pretty scary and it's very real.  The number one killer in African American women ages 15-35 last year was HIV/AIDS!!!!

Today the people from the Southwest Louisiana AIDS Council better known as "SLAC", stopped by to talk about how we all can join the fight.  Tomorrow is Dine Out For Life day and we are asking all of you to stop by one of the 21 restaurants in the area and have a bite to eat.  Participating restaurants in the area will then donate 25-50% of their profits to SLAC, which in turn will allow them to continue their many free services in our area.

Here's more details from the live interview today, press play: 


SLAC's mission is to provide the people of SWLA information about HIV/AIDS and HIV Prevention and to offer assistance to those affected by the disease.   For more info www.slac.org. The SLAC office is located at 1715 Common Street in Lake Charles, LA 70601-6135.  E-mail them at slac@slac.org or call 337-439-5861, Fax: 337-436-8713 or toll free at 800-256-5145.  Other services provided at SLAC include:

Education Awareness - Offered Monday - Sunday.  Call or stop by for information.


Free HIV Testing – By Appointment Only Wednesdays 5pm-7pm. Call the Prevention staff Mondays through Fridays 11am-3pm for details and other possible testing times.

Case Management Services Services
Provided M-F 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.
Services to persons living with HIV disease. Assistance with housing, utilities, deposits, (certain requirements for eligibility) medications, help with transportation to needed medical services, eye exams, glasses, dental care, Buddy/Companion programs.

Food Pantry - Hours:  Tuesdays, Wednesdays, & Thursdays 11:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.
Support Groups - Wednesday afternoons 2pm-3pm.  Please call the office if you are interested in working with support groups for women, newly diagnosed, or youth.