Friday was another big day in the Conrad Murray trial.  The jury got an ear full, as they listened to half of a dramatic 2-hour interview between the doctor and police.  In the interview, Murray admitted he pumped Michael full of sedatives before he died.

In Murray's own words he said " I took all precautions that were available in dosing Michael"-keeping oxygen and a pulse monitoring machine nearby- and had been trying to wean Michael from propofol in the three days before his death."

In the recorded interview, the doctor details an emotional encounter with Katherine Jackson just moments after she hears the news-She asks Murray if he knows how Michael died.  Murray says no. Dr. Murray also claims in the interview that Joe Jackson never showed up at the hospital the day Michael died.  Then he goes on the explain why security cameras caught him exiting the hospital at 4:30pm.

The jury will get to hear the remainder of the interview when the trial resumes tomorrow.

Dr. Murray's interview with the LAPD detectives reveals a huge inconsistency the could weigh heavily with the jury.  Murray says in the tape he left Michael's room for only 2 minutes to got to the bathroom, and when he came back Michael wasn't breathing at which time he says he started CPR.  Problem is, phone records show he was on the phone at the same time for about 45 minutes straight.

Sade Anding, Murray's Houston girlfriend testified that she was on the phone with the doctor the whole time.  She said she was talking to him for a while when suddenly Murray dropped the phone.  That testimony is gonna make problems for the defense.  Either he was in the bathroom as he told cops or he was on the phone, possible distracted.  If the jury believes the testimony from Ms. Anding and the phone records, they could easily come to the conclusion that Dr. Murray lied to police.