Believe or not, Dr. Conrad Murray is still trying to prove Michael killed himself.  Not only that, but he's asking a judge in his criminal case to deny Michael's family full restitution, on grounds Michael caused his own death.  Yep, he is still denying that he had anything to do with killing Michael Jackson.Maybe he needs a doctor.  Anyway, Murray filed legal papers yesterday asking for evidence the defense never received during the trial.  That allegedly being, evidence that could show Michael self-administering himself Propofol.

Murray's lawyer, Michael Flanagan, argues that in deciding how much restitution the family gets, it's appropriate to consider the victim's responsibility for his own death.  By the way, the prosecution is asking for around $100 million dollars in restitution, but the judge hasn't ruled on any amount just yet.

Though he feels he's completely innocent, Murray is willing to concede he's partly to blame ... seeing as he can't argue otherwise because of the conviction, in order to avoid having to shell out the entire restitution.  If Murray and his lawyer get their way in proving Michael should share the responsibility for his own death, then he'll only have to pay half of whatever amount the judge decides on.