Any true hip hop, r&b or just music lover in general has been anticipating the release of "Detox" the album from Dr. Dre since "2001"was released in 1999. Currently riding high off of the new single "Kush" currently in rotation, Dr. Dre teased fans earlier this week hinting the release date was very close well guess what.

After a video went viral of Dr. Dre seemingly announcing an April 20 release date for his long-awaited Detox, a rep for the rapper/producer told MTV News that the clip wasn't referring to the album's arrival.

So what was the legendary producer referring to in the clip? That remains unclear at press time.

Dr. Dre has been at work on his highly anticipated LP for years now, scraping together several versions of the songs at various times; in one case, he gave several beats slated for his project to 50 Cent for the G-Unit superstar's debut album.

In November, Dre's first single, "Kush," hit the Web and was soon followed by a potential follow-up, the Eminem-assisted "I Need a Doctor."

A month later, Dre premiered the video for "Kush" featuring Snoop Dogg and Akon. The clip, along with a cover story in the latest issue of hip-hop magazine XXL, seemed to confirm that the rap Chinese Democracy was finally slated for release.

The producer's penchant for perfectionism has long been the reason for the delay of Detox, which will be Dre's first album since his 2001 LP in 1999.

"[I'm] trying to put it out by the end of the fall," Dre said in an interview this past summer about Detox. "Trying to give everybody what they've been waitin' for and make sure they're not disappointed; that's all I'm doing."

There have been alot of theories of what Doc was referring to, but it remains to be seen. Either way I am a fan and will be looking for the album as soon as its available.