Drake thinks the woman who is suing him for royalties, his alleged ex Ericka Lee, from his hit song "Marvin's Room" is entitled to the amount of money she's already received....zero dollars and zero cents.  Ericka Lee is the woman behind "the voice" on the phone in the song.  Last month she filed a lawsuit and claims that Drizzy promised her a co-writing credit and a split of the profits on the song.  Well, in response Drake filed some papers of his own saying basically he never premised her anything, much less money.



According to Ericka's original suit, they were still together when the song was made and Drake supposedly agreed to collaborate with her and split the profits when the song was released.  By the way, Drake says to two were never a couple.  Anyway, Lee says after the song was finished Drake texted her saying "U basically made that song.  It's s-- without you."

Then she says they broke up soon after, at which time Drake allegedly texted her again saying he would give her two percent of publishing royalties and a $50,000 payout.  To that, she says, she turned down and that's when she filed the lawsuit and now seeks restitution and a credit as the songs co-writer.

In his official response Drake issued this statement "she consented to the use of her voice in the song 'Marvin's Room' for no compensation."