Drake made a HUGE difference in a terminally-ill teenagers life over the weekend, when the superstar rapper/singer/actor paid Kennedy Brown a surprise visit.  

Drake-Chelsea Lauren-Getty Image

Drake made Kennedy Brown's dreams come true by paying her a surprise visit at her home in Houston on Saturday (April 12).  Kennedy is suffering from a brain tumor and thanks to the #DrakeForKen social media campaign and Drizzy big heart, she was able to meet her favorite artist.

The Toronto rapper, the 15-year-old teen and her family took photos and recorded videos as to remember the very touching meet and greet.  Of course Drake shared the memorable moment on his Instagram page and was extremely enthusiastic about meeting the brave teenager.

Drake wrote a the caption, “Me and this beautiful angel Kennedy #kenfordrake.”  In another photo, Kennedy asked Drake if she could touch his famous thick eyebrows and of course the rapper obliged her request.  “Incredible day,” wrote Drake.

Kennedy’s classmates were also just as tickled as they were on hand to witness the amazing moment.  As a matter of fact, they were the ones that got the rappers attention by starting the #DrakeforKen campaign on Twitter.

Kennedy Brown’s father was beyond gratfull that Drake took time out to do something so selfless.  Mr. Brown told ABC13 News he wanted to thank everyone in Houston for their ongoing support, adding Drake’s visit was an endearing act of kindness and it meant the world to his family.

Great job Drake!  Our prayers go out to Kennedy Brown and her family.  We pray for her complete and total remission.  God bless...