Via Soundcloud, Drake released a new song last night (April 1st), 'Draft Day.' The big question is if he is responding to Jay Z's verse on Jay Electronica's 'We Made It' remix. Which you can find out more inside 'The Wire.' Listen here and tell us what you think. 

If you haven't heard the songs that may have sparked a war of words between Drake and Jay, listen to the song below.

Personally I think Drake is a dope rapper, is he capable of picking a fight with someone of Jay Z's stature? I'm not counting him out, but he's definitely no Nas. Of course opinions will differ, but until I see an actual exchange take place on record, for the sake of all that hip-hop was, I'm gonna say that Jay Z would win that battle. But then again, who the hell am I? Just a Dj who happens to be an actual fan of hip-hop. I like them both nonetheless, so I'm on the fence between giving a damn and not caring at all.