A woman by the name of Ericka Lee, allegedly Drakes ex, is looking to cash in on the success of his song "Marvin's Room".  Ericka is the woman on the other end of the phone in the song.  Ericka claims in the suit that Drake agreed to work on the song and split the proceeds.  She says she was supposed to record the song's hook and an opening monologue.

Looks like a drunk dial may have Drake on the hook for few stacks in unpaid royalties if a judge see's things Ms. Lee's way.  Ericka is suing Drake for excluding her from co-writer royalties she says she earned through their collaboration on the song.

Supposedly, six weeks after the song was released, Drake and his record company changed their tune and Drake allegedly texted her offering 2% of song royalties.  Low and behold, love was out the door once the issued of money came up.  The two broke up and Ericka hired a lawyer.



After getting word that Ericka hired a lawyer, Drake was pissed and allegedly sent her a text saying "What the f— is your problem?"  before reportedly giving her a second offer of  4% to 5% royalties.  But Ericka ain't havin it and now wants a judge to declare her as a co-writer of the song and award her damages and profits on the monster hit hit.Drake has not commented on the matter.