Today in Tha Wire Drake's Hidden Hills, California mansion went up for sale.  The LA Times reports Drizzy's 7-bedroom crib, had a price tag of $20 million.  Not bad right?  Well the only problem is... he didn't put the property up for sale in the first place.  Had somebody bought it, that could have been a major problem.

According to reports the sale looked pretty legite in the papers.  The rapper/singers mansion was even listed in Zillow.  The LA Times posted even posted the homes listing in their real estate section.  The ad ended up getting the attention of another real estate agent.  Apparently that agent contacted whom they believed to be Drake's manager, at which time they asked if they could represent the Young Money rapper in the sale.

TMZ reports the approval was given and that's evidently how the home got it's bogus $20 million price tag.  All appeared to be going good until the so-called manager caved under pressure from the realtor to move forward with the sell.


Turns out the whole thing was a scam and the manager wound up admitting he was an imposter!  Crazy right?  Well one things for sure if Drake ever decides to sell the crib, at least he knows he can make one hell of a profit.  The Hidden Hills mansion was purchased in 2012 for a mere $7.7 million.  Peep the "birds eye" view of Drake cribe below


Drizzy's sprawling estate comes with every amenity one could hope for from a 24-seat movie theater, to a waterfall, massage room, a gym, five house stall barn, a wine cellar, a more!  Must be nice...

If it ever goes on the market for real I'll let you know.  I would hate for you to miss out on buying the house of your dreams.  For all things entertainment, stay in the know and listen to Tha Wire every weekday on The Peoples Station 107 Jamz.