Wu Tang Fans may wanna get prepared as there could be an Ol Dirty Bastard movie in the makes. Not only that but it could potentially be starring Eddie Griffin or Tracy Morgan as the lead character.


While both comedians have fair shots, RZA said Eddie could slightly have an edge over "30 Rock" television star Tracy Morgan.

"Eddie Griffin is down" he said. "Me and Eddie talked about it, laughed about it. Tracy Morgan, he wanna do it [too]. I said 'Ya'll both kinda can do it." Asked who had an edge, the Wu-Tang Clan leader hinted at Griifin. "Eddie spent time with Dirty," he shared. "They knew each other well." The ODB movie has apparently been in the works for some time now, with Raeshawn, another cousin of the wild and crazy rapper, penning the script. "He's been working on it for two years now," RZA confirmed. "[In fact] I think Eddie's already signed on with a letter of Intent--I signed on, of course. So you know [Raeshawn] got my blessin' to make it happen." (XXL Mag)

via RZA Says Eddie Griffin & Tracy Morgan Battling For ODB Flick | SOHH.COM.


We all know that ODB was a character to begin with and having a comedian with the caliber of either one of these guys could be something to look forward to. I will keep you up to date on the latest as it becomes available.