Every now and then I have to stop by the store. While some of the items are available at gas stations, I prefer going to the grocery stores and picking up certain items. Well some of the stores came up with an alternative to standing in long lines at the store.


I remember going to the store when I was younger with my mom and although she didn't have alot of items, but still have to stand in line for several minutes, possibly hours. When stores like Krogers and Walmart started giving us alternatives with the 20 items or less lines. Some may be 25 or less, either way it gave us a choice when it came to standing there waiting in someone if we were in a rush.

Well the problem I have is when I only have a few items and am on a schedule and get behind someone who has a buggy full of things. It seems like they bought the entire store and if I say something, then there could be a little backlash of attitudes and loud talking. I personally feel like this was put there for a reason and that should be followed.

I talked about it in the video below and would love to know what your thoughts are about it.


What Does 20 items or Less mean to you: