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Additional Information

There will be a benefit for Logan Leger given by family and friends with all proceeds going to a medical account set up @ Jeff Davis Bank for present and future medical expenses.

Logan, son of Jimmy and Kelly Leger, was involved in a 4-wheeler accident on September 20, 2011.  This accident resulted in the amputation of Logan's right lower leg, broken femur, broken arm and shoulder.  The injuries which Logan sustained in the accident required numerous surgeries and a lengthy hospital stay.  The amputation of Logan's leg will require him to be fitted for a prosthesis.  All proceeds of the benefit will go to a medical fund set up @ Jeff Davis Bank to help with Logan's on-going treatment and care.

The event will take place at the Bell City KC Hall Saturday Feb. 11th from 10am to 6pm.  To include music by Steel Shot and Lesa Cormier.  Plus, cold drinks, beer, auction, trail ride, plate lunches  and a sweet shop.

Anyone interested in helping or donating items please contact Michelle Land @ 764-2915, Desiree Mott @ 734-2630, or Lori Aucoin @ 794-9812