January 11, 2012

Additional Information

There is no excuse not to get out and exercise.  Lake Charles is home to 3 state of the art recreation centers.  There is sure to one near you.  Ward 3 has fitness and work facilities that can benefit persons of all ages with a wide variety of programs available to the community, including indoor tracks that allow you to run or walk no matter what condition the weather is in.  Click here to get a complete schedule for all classes at all 3 recreation centers:

For more information:

The Power Center Complex is located at 3210 Power Center Parkway and the number is 337-990-0112.

Pryce-Miller Recreation Center is located at 216 Albert Street and the number is 337-502-5231.

Enos Derbonne Sports Complex is located at 7903 Lake Street and the number is 337-502-5214.