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Additional Information

The Presidential election is just around the corner, so here's some super important info you should have.

1. Click here and  Register to vote now.  If you want to vote in the upcoming November 6th Presidential election you need to know the  deadline to do so, is October 9th.

2. If you have or plan to change your name, address, party or if you just haven't voted in a long time call the Register of Voters office at 337-721-4000 or go in person to the court house located at 1000 Ryan Street, room #7 in Lake Charles, LA. 70601 and notify the Register of Voters of these changes as soon as possible.  The last day to do so, is October 9th.

3. If you are already registered to vote and are a college student, in the military or disabled/home bound and wish to vote in the Presidential election but will not be in town during early voting (10/23/2012-10/30/2012) or the day of the election, then you will want to request a mail in ballot to make sure your vote is counted.  You may submit a signed written request to the Register of Voters office to 1000 Ryan Street room #7 Lake Charles, LA. 70601 or go the for more info on how to apply for a mail in ballot online.  Requests will be accepted starting 11/7/2012, just keep in mind that the is a deadline to turn them in and it is 11/5/2012 at 4:30pm.

If you have a smart phone you can download the geauxvote app for free!