The Folks at FOX must have felt the heat, and brought back the beloved family pet they killed in an earlier episode this season. Brian Griffin is back. 

In a plot that angered cult fans of FOX's 'Family Guy' franchise, including myself, they made a crucial decision to kill off one of the main characters in November. That character being the family's beloved pet, Brian the dog, who was killed when he was hit by a car in the road. Brian was replaced by an Italian speaking pooch by the name of Vinnie. Let's just say fan's weren't having it, and were quite vocal via social media sites that Vinnie had to go. Some even said they would have rather them kill of Meg, the daughter on the show. If you know Family Guy, Meg is always the butt of the family's jokes. Several weeks later in a twisted leap of time and Stewie's quick thinking, with the help of the replacement dog we refused to get to know, Vinnie helped bring Brian back.

We're all just a bunch of weirdo's for getting emotional about a cartoon dog.

I'm not sure if  FOX bringing Brian back was always the plan, or if the heat from fans made them bring him back. They most definitely got everyone's attention in a major way, including those fans who hadn't watched the show in a while simply because of work, family, or other life changes. I'm just happy to say, Welcome back Brian Griffin.