Service FAQs

Q : Do you take walk-ins for service?
A : It is recommended to have an appointment due to the availability of a technician. If we are unable to accommodate you at the time, we will schedule an appointment for the earliest available time slot.

Q : How often do you recommend an oil change?
A : For a Volkswagen, it is recommended every 10,000 miles

Q : How often do you recommend a tire rotation?
A : Once again, it is recommended every 10,000 miles.

Q : Do you perform a multi-point inspection each time I come in for scheduled maintenance?
A : Yes, we do. We also go over the results and inform you of any additional recommended services.

Q : If there is an issue with my vehicle, do you require an appointment for repairs and is there a fee?
A : Yes, we do. The diagnostic fee is $95.00 + tax for the diagnostic.

Q : If a repair is needed, can it be done the same day as the diagnostic?
A : This varies as the parts may not be available in house and must be ordered.

Q : Are all parts available on site at all times?
A : No, they are not. We keep the most used parts in house for scheduled maintenance.

Q : Do you only perform service on Volkswagen?
A : We can perform certain scheduled maintenance for Volkswagen affiliates such as Audi and Porsche, but we do require an appointment due to parts availability.

Sales FAQs

Q : Do you do in-house financing?
A : No, we do not.

Q : Do you only sell Volkswagen?
A : No, we specialize in a variety of clean, quality used vehicles as well as high end imports.

Q : Do you have lenders that you submit to for financing?
A : Yes, we do.

Q : Will you run my credit for approval with your lenders?
A : Yes.

Q : Will I receive the best possible APR with your lenders?
A : All APRs are dependent upon your credit score.

Q : Does Volkswagen offer a lease program?
A : Yes, we do.

Q : Do you have any special offers?
A : Yes, we have several special offers a month on multiple Volkswagen models and they vary on a month-to-month basis.

Q : When choosing a vehicle, what should be the main thing I look for?
A : Find a vehicle that best fits your lifestyle and needs.