Rapper Flo Rida was being accused of skipping out on his obligation of paying child support for his 2-year old son.  Problem is, the child wasn't his.  Get the scoop now with Tha Wire.

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A few weeks ago Flo Rida was accused of being a deadbeat dad.  The rapper supposedly fathered a child and then tried skip out of paying child support.  Turns out the accusation were false.  As a matter of fact, DNA results have surfaced revealing he is not the father after all.

When the story first surfaced, Gloria Holloway insisted that Flo fathered her 2-year-old son, however TMZ got a hold on the paternity tests documents and there is a 0 percent chance of that being true.

Get more details on the case and find out what Flo's lawyer had to say about the mess as well.  It's all in Tha Wire below!


In some what related news, as Beyonce tore it down at Essence over the 4th of July weekend, her father  Mathew Knowles got re-married. Bey‘s dad tied the knot with his model girlfriend Gena Charmaine Avery on June 30 in Houston. FYI, the couple had been engaged for a year-and-a-half, none the less his famous daughter didn’t attend the ceremony supposedly do previous engagements.  Though the 61-years-old no longer manages Beyonce’s career, he currently runs Music World Entertainment.

Find out what led to his divorce with Bey's mom below with Tha Wire.  Plus, learn why he's still paying child support after all these years.

Finally, Flavor Flav was trying to do it big for the kids in his neighborhood this weekend by putting on a big firework display.  The Public Enemy legend had a garage full of explosives to celebrate Independence day, but Vegas Police shut him down, no pun intended.  Unfortunately, Flav was ordered by Las Vegas police to refrain from igniting any more fireworks or he’d be arrested. He did the right thing and complied, but his neighbors were booed police for stopping all the festivities.

Listen to Tha Wire now and find out why Flav isn't out of any money, plus learn why the police paid a visit to the rap legend last year. Press play now to hear Tha Wire now: