17 Year old Jordan Davis of Jacksonville, Florida was shot and killed by Michael Dunn at a gas station because he was playing his music too loud.

Michael Dunn is facing murder and attempted murder charges for his alleged shooting of Jordan Davis after an altercation over his loud music at a Jacksonville gas station. Dunn told police that he felt threatened during an argument with the teen over his loud music. In addition to the few times Jordan Davis was shot, several bullet holes were found in his vehicle as well. The teens friends admitted that they were playing their music loud. Isn't playing loud music and annoying adults what teenagers do? I see no logical reason for Jordan Davis to have been shot.

This is another sad story of a coward with a gun killing an innocent child because he wasn't man enough to let them be, or simply call the police if it were that big of an issue. The thing that bothers me most is that Michael Dunn was not a resident of Jacksonville, he was in town at a hotel with is girlfriend. After the shooting Michael Dunn reportedly drove back to the hotel with his girlfriend and later returned home in Vero Beach where police arrested him the next day.

According to several reports, Dunn is vice president of Dunn & Dunn Data Systems in Vero Beach. Dunn was booked into a Duval County Jail and has plead not guilty.