It wasn't a good day in the neighborhood for former Roc-A-Fella executive Kareem "Biggs" Burke in court yesterday.  He wound up pleading guilty to drug charges that stem back to a bust in 2010.

Biggs pleaded guilty to conspiracy to distribute more than 100 kilos of marijuana and is looking at 5 years.  However, his freedom isn't the only thing he's gonna loose.  Press play to get the low down.

Meanwhile, as previously reported a bio pic was in the works on the late Bob Marley.  The film has actually been completed and with the blessing of his family, will be coming to a theater near you.  Get the who, what, when and where now.  Press play to hear all the details now with Tha Wire.

Finally, Wiz Khalifa is one happy man right now.  His fans made it clear that they were ready for him to drop some more material.  He dropped his mixtape "Taylor Allerdice" this week, and you'll never guess what happened.  Plus, find out how you can get your hands on it!  I got you covered.  Get today's scoop, skinny, mess and drama now!  Press play to hear Tha Wire now: 


Rihanna is breaking her silence as to why she decided to work with her ex Chris Brown again.  It's simple, she has forgiven him.  Basically, RiRi wants everyone else to do the same.  Get over it.

In a recent interview she said, "I reached out to him about doing "Birthday Cake" because that's the only person that really made sense to do the record just as a musician, despite everything else.  I thought about rappers and I've done that so many times, and the hottest R&B artist out right now is Chris Brown.  In turn, he was like, Why don't you do the remix to my track?  It was a trade off.  We did two records-one for my fans, one for his fans.  That way our fans can come together.  There shouldn't be a divide."

Rihanna added that there's nothing wrong with wanting to make good music, calling their work together "innocent".  By the way, domestic violence is an ugly reality and I think that more needs to be done to prevent and stop it, on all fronts.  However, it should be noted that though Chris was wrong, he's payed his dues and in many ways is still paying.  Every should be allowed one mistake and hopefully he's learned from his.

That being said, there's one small "tid bid" to the Chris Brown/Rihanna story that very little people know about.  That is, he was driving when the incident first occurred and it was Rihanna that initiated the first blow or blows.  She was kicking his butt all while he was driving!  That fact has been swept under the rug.  No one seemed to care about his black eye or bust lip, all the attention was put on Rihanna.  And though she hit him several times first, she was painted as the victim.  Don't get me twisted.  I'm not saying Chris was necessarily right for hitting her back, but I'm sorry, I'm not necessarily saying he was wrong either.  I'm a realist........and I truly believe in the saying......"If your big enough to hit me, be prepared for me to hit you."  I don't think it's ok for men to hit woman in any situation, but I feel the exact same way about woman hitting men too.                 I'm just saying.......