Over the last several months Odd Future singing sensation Frank Ocean has sent out a few tweets in regard to his absent father.  There's no doubt that his dad not being a part of his life hurt him deeply.

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The talented singer openly spoke of his father's absence prior to this, in his song "There Will Be Tears," from his breakout project, nostalgia, ULTRA.  More recently though, Frank sent out a series of tweets that his long lost father is now trying to sue him.  Frank tweeted:

Chief Keef-Youtube

Get the latest on the situation below and listen to Tha Wire.  Meanwhile, new comer Chief Keef sat down for a videoed interview with Pitchfork Media.  All was good until the interview hit Youtube and revealed Keef firing off rounds at a gun range.  Ordinarily that wouldn't be a problem, however Keef is banned from handling firearms because of his probation and now the video is going to be used to lock him up.  Hear more details on that with Tha Wire below.

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In even more news,L.A. Reid is calling it quits from being a judge on X Factor and before his seat can get cold Brandy is hoping she can fill his spot.  While she waits for Simon to give her a green light, she gearing up for her next big screen gig.  Finally, Keshia Cole had a small melt down on Twitter yesterday.  Girlfriend said she may be a lot of things, but one things she's not is an "opening act".

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