When it rains, it pours and lately Chris Brown has been getting soaked.  This Kid can't seem to catch a break.  Now he's being sued by Frank Ocean's cousin.  Find out why here.

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Breezy is being sued for and alleged assault stemming from the parking lot fist fight between him and Frank Ocean.  However Sha’Keir Duarte, Franks cousin, is the one who filed the suit Tuesday (Aug. 13) in L.A. Superior Court and alleges he was assaulted by Chris Brown's bodyguard aka "Hood" back in January when the fight took place.

According to TMZ, Duarte alleges that Brown’s bodyguard viciously assaulted him and yelled, “Get that n—–!” and then teased him afterward by saying, “You just got your ass beat and it’s all on camera.” Duarte also claims that he is now permanently disabled following the brawl and is seeking unspecified damages.

In reaction to the lawsuit, Breezy's rep told TMZ, “Chris Brown does not employee anyone named Hood.”  Frank Ocean has decided not to pursue charges, even though he suffered an injury to his hand.  However, that was probably a good idea beings that he was pinpointed as being the instigator for the fight.


Ocean was reportedly, the one who started the fight, which took place in a parking lot outside of the Westlake Recording Studio in L.A. back in January.  According to witnesses, the fight started over a parking space.  Chris Brown and his bodyguard were apparently leaving the studio when, Frank and his small entourage were arriving.

As Chris was getting ready to leave, Frank approached him and told Breezy that he was in his spot.  From their words were exchange and a physical altercation took place.  The receptionist inside the recording studio seen the event unfold and as the fight jumped off called police.  Chris and his bodyguard left the scene shortly after the fight and being that he was just getting there, Frank Ocean remained.  When police arrived Ocean was questioned and refused to press charges.

At press time, Chris's attorneys said that they were cooperating with authorities and were more than willing to present video surveillance of the entire event to prove, that Frank Ocean started the fight as Chris Brown tried to leave.  The investigation turned up nothing and the case was dropped.

Meanwhile, this is more drama than Chris needs right now.  Today, the singer goes on trial regarding hit-and-run charges.  Then, on Friday, Chris will have to attend a hearing for violating his probation in the hit-and-run case. If convicted, he’s looking at four years in prison.

However, it's unlikely because it really wasn't a hit-and-run, rather a parking accident as Chris simply hit a car behind him, while backing up.  The entire incident was recorded by a paparazzi reporter.  Here's a look at what happened.

As you can clearly see, Chris didn't run and was exchanging info with the other driver as he should have.  By the way, it should be noted that the other driver, didn't press charges as she was not hurt and her vehicle sustained no damage.  So more than likely, this is going to be thrown out.  However, stranger things have happened.

Even still, the next few days are going to be rough for Chris Brown. Good luck man, keep your head-up!