Rapper Future is well on his way to being at the top of the rap game these days.  The rapper just dropped his new mixtape R.G.B (the movie) and it's free for download this month.


As his career takes off, he's also enjoying a relationship with Ciara.  The two lovebirds have been kickin it for just under a year now and appear to be happy.  However, as Future works on being a good boyfriend, he's being accused of being a bad dad.  The rapper is currently dealing with some drama from a woman who's been trying to get him to take care of his responsibilities.  His 10 year old son. Get the info below with Tha Wire.

Rick Ross-Getty

In the meantime, in an update on the Rick Ross drive-by, authorities have nothing on the shooting suspects right now.  However, they have confirmed a few details surrounding the shooting.  For that, listen to Tha Wire below.  Plus, check out this news coverage of the aftermath.

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As far as the Chris Brown/Frank Ocean brawl.  Details are still murky.  Most sources say Frank got this popping by talking trash over what he called "his parking spot" and of course everybody has a entourage and allegedly, the singers folks took things from there.  Non the less, Frank Ocean is trying to press charges on Chris and that ain't good.  However, Chris's lawyer says he has proof that Chris didn't touch Frank.  Get the latest right here.  Press play to hear Tha Wire now: