Rapper Game got the surprise of his life when he was turned away by a restaurant manager in Pasadena, Calif. for having "threatening" tattoos on his arms.  


Game was in Pasadena, Calif. over the weekend and stopped to a restaurant called "Houston's" for lunch.  However, he never got an opportunity to eat, because the restaurant manager wouldn't serve the rapper.  According to the manager on duty, Game's ink was threatening to others who were dining.

As you can imagine, Game was not a happy camper and took to his Twitter page to vent to his million plus followers:


Ironically, Game has been known to be a BIG tipper.  Recently, he tipped a W. Hollywood waiter $250.  So, "Houston's" lost a good customer and more than likely many others. Let's face it, I'm more than sure Game isn't the only person that went to that restaurant with tattoos on his arms.

All wasn't lost though.  Game found another restaurant that welcomed his business, tank top and tattoos!


Game ended up eating at California Pizza Kitchen, where he received far better service.