The Apple Does Not fall far from the tree! It seems that there is a new star with two generations of  musical blood on the horizon for stardom!

Selah Marley, daughter of Fugees front woman Lauryn Hill and Bob Marley's son Rohan, is testing the modeling waters. Teen Vogue sat down with the 12-year-old who has already booked gigs for Macy's. She explained, "I was in a hotel with my dad, and I was just joking around and said, 'Oh yeah, Daddy, I want to model.' I don't know -- the camera is just fun." She's also dabbled a bit in singing -- totally unsurprising given her family tree. Of her mom, Selah said, "I like her music. It's very truthful," and of her grandfather: "His songs are very soothing."

This is good news to hear as I am sure that she is talented and we will be hearing great things from her to come.