MMG rapper Gunplay has been exonerated from armed robbery and aggravated assault charges that could have landed him life in prison, stemming from an incident last fall against his accountant where he was caught on surveillance camera's committing the act. 

According to the Miami-Dade State Attorney's Office, A judge ruled that surveillance alone was not enough to convict anyone of a crime beyond reasonable doubt. Although the crime was caught on surveillance, the victim Turron Woodside has been uncooperative in the prosecution of Gunplay, real name Richard Morales. Because of those factors the judge dropped the charges, because their was no case without the victims testimony.

When Gunplay was asked what he would do first now that his case has been dismissed he replied:

“Today I am grateful and blessed that the case was dismissed … I plan on picking up where I left off with my music and making hits with my upcoming debut album … The first thing I am going to do today is smoke a joint, relax, play video games, and just be with my loved ones.”

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