Everybody knew who he was and everybody loved "The Overweight Lover" Heavy D.  He was a entertainer, an innervater, a master MC and actor.  Know big man or little man for that matter moved like Heavy D, he was a true entertainer and could spit fire on the mic and never use a curse word.  He was a MC that had something to say, that's why.

Yesterday's news of his death literally shook the music world to it's core.  Heavy D.... dead???  At 44???  What?  Officials are still trying to figure out what happened,  making sure to exhausted any chance of foul play.  Though a final report from the coroners office isn't complete just yet, it is being highly speculated that he may have died from a heart attack.

Heavy D recently made some high profile performances, one being at the 2011 BET Hip-Hop Awards were he put it down in a ol skool melody that had everybody on their feet.

The last month in Wales at the Michael Jackson tribute concert, performing "Jam" with Letoya Jackson.  You can even catch the big man in the new movie starring Eddie Murphy " Tower Heist".

Press play now to get the run down on the events that transpired just before his death with Tha Wire: