Had a chance to hang out in Bossier City at The Horseshoe Casino and boy did we have a blast over the past two days!So on Monday Night we were in Shreveport/ Bossier City where we got the chance to hang out with some of our other counterparts from Lafayette and Shreveport radio stations and we had a blast. The casino was really nice and of course you know that I took some pictures as we did our thing over there. I must admit, I did go a little off of  the diet, but I really had alot of fun and learned alot as well from some of my peers. Oh year I got a little wet as well as Paige Nienaber got our attention from throwing a glass of water at the wall, and I just happened to be sitting at the front. Anyway I will definately return, but check out some of the pictures and see how much fun we had over there!!


From My Hotel Room, Nice View!










Erik Tee and Erin Bristol, Brand Manager from Kruf- Shreveport!











Erik Tee, Gina Cook and Big Boy Chill Live outside The Horseshoe Casino's Waterfall Display!










We broke off into groups and basically had to role play a little skit, if I must say so myself... We Killed It!! The Team to beat consisted of Erin, Erik, Danny and Chris!












And yes I did put this video in here simply because of  the fact that they mention Horseshoes, a game of Horseshoes, Enjoy the video!!