Hot 97 DJ Mister Cee went on air during his popular radio show to refute rumors that he is gay after being arrested in Brooklyn for trying to solicit a male prostitute.  


This week, New York's famous Hot 97 DJ Mister Cee tried to explain why he was arrested for trying to solicit a prostitute.   The DJ told his listening audience,  "I am not gay.  Thursday night/Friday morning I was approached by a female undercover cop — a female, Latino  undercover cop — not a male cop.  The female undercover cop, I have her badge number, so I know who it is."

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In more news, Flavor Flav will have to face a judge and jury in Vegas on September 30th where he plans contest assault with a weapon and child endangerment charges.  The rap icon is accused of threatening his girlfriend’s 17-year-old son with a butcher knife, steak knife, and pizza cutter during a domestic dispute at his home last October.

Flav whose real name is William Drayton Jr. pleaded not guilty to the charges on Tuesday of this week. The judge in the case concluded that the prosecution presented enough evidence for Flav to stand trial, so it's going down and the 54-year-old will have to fight the felony charges in state court.

During a hearing last month his fiance's son testified that Flav chased him with a knife, stabbed his bedroom door, and threatened to kill him.  The altercation started when Flav and his fiancee' got into a domestic dispute, at which time the 200 pound youngster stepped in to defend his mother.

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In other news, The family of Emmett Till will get the chance to address their concerns with officials of PepsiCo today.  Rev. Al Sharpton orchestrated the sit-down and asked the soda company to speak with him and the family about the recent controversy involving Lil Wayne.

Sharpton released a press statement on the issue through his National Action Network last week and it read as follows:

I have been in conversations over the last several days with leadership at PepsiCo and the family of Emmett Till we intend to meet next week. This has been a “teaching moment for Lil Wayne, corporate America and the family of Emmett Till yet more than a condemnation of any one artist, it is an affirmation of Emmett Till and a call for more sensitivity about what we say and do in our culture. National Action Network does not want it to end with artists losing contracts but rather with a sensitizing of corporate America so we can learn from these experiences and set a tone that will help everybody. It’s in that spirit that we go forward to meeting with PepsiCo next week.

As previously reported, Wayne began receiving public criticism earlier this year for his line on Futures “Karate Chop (Remix)” when he made a comparison between the violent death of the teenager and a sex act.

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