I Want My Name Back,’ is a new documentary that will soon be available on DVD telling the story of rap pioneers Wonder Mike and Master Gee of the legendary Sugarhill Gang.


In an exclusive clip from the DVD, the two explain in great detail, the trials and tribulations they faced during their rise and fall from fame.  Their story is a lot like many artist of their time.  They were basically swindled out of their royalties by their label.

Courtesy of the TheDrop.fm, here's a clip of the documentary where Wonder Mike and Master Gee talk about how their careers were tragically derailed.  Where would we be without their '79 classic hit ‘Rapper’s Delight’ that introduced the world to the genre....Hip Hop.

Listen to Tha Wire below and get more details about the documentary and when it's going to air.

In other news, another Nina Simone project is in the works. This time around, it’s a documentary being produced by the legendary diva's daughter and estate.  According to details, the documentary will feature unseen, archived performance footage of Simone throughout her career.

The company overseeing the production is @radical.media and it's president Justin Wikes said, "we’ve only begun to scratch the surface of her life’s story.  Her family and estate will be invaluable partners as we’ve been given unprecedented access to weave together her fascinating story.”

Listen to Tha Wire below and find out what Dr. Dre will have to do with the project.

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Finally, Odd Future front man Tyler, The Creator just started his tour in Australian along with fellow Wolf Gang emcee Earl Sweatshirt this week.  However, it may be over before it can really get started.  A feminist group called Collective Shout is protesting Tyler’s visit to the land down under, stating in a post on their website:

Tyler the Creator promotes hate speech against women, perpetuating male entitlement to use women’s bodies, to regard women as “bitches”, “sluts” and “hoes” for their sexual use. Tyler the Creator’s glorification of rape and violence against women could be considered inciting his fans to commit violent crimes against them.

It is our hope that you would consider the best interests of Australia, including the safety of our female citizens.We ask you to act urgently to revoke Tyler the Creator’s Visa so that he cannot promote his misogynistic attitudes to Australian audiences.

Collective Shout has gone as far as requesting that Australia’s Minister for Immigration and Citizenship revoke Tyler’s visa and kick him out of the country.

The always outspoken rapper took to Twitter to address his critics.


Dispite all the drama Tyler and Earl are still scheduled to perform tonight in Melbourne and tomorrow in Brisbane.  Meanwhile listen to Tha Wire and find out what other American artists have been met with protests for the Aussie's.  Press play to hear Tha Wire now: