Internal affairs is getting involved in Chris Brown's assault case.  The singer was accused and charged of assaulting a man outside a D.C. hotel, but a secret service officer was there and says it never happened.

Chris Brown leaves the H. Carl Moultrie Courthouse after a court appearance on Wednesday January 08, 2014 in Washington, DC. Photo by Matt McClain/ The Washington Post via Getty Images

Police in Washington, D.C. are looking into inconsistencies in the case.  The investigation was launched because statements made by the officer who arrived on the scene and the alleged victim aren't matching up.

According to Billboard, internal affairs launched an investigation to flush out inconsistencies in witness testimonies.  For example, an unidentified acquaintance to Chris reportedly told the officer that the alleged victim told him that Brown never hit him.  However, when detectives interviewed the officer and the alleged victim, they said they never spoke to the acquaintance.

Based on that, Breezy's alliby didn't help his case much.  Then, out nowhere the case was turned inside out when a surprise witness popped up. Turns out that witness was a Secret Service officer who was on the scene at the time of the alleged altercation/assault.   The Secret Service officer, who remains unidentified told detectives that the police officer in question did speak to the acquaintance, and he knows that for a fact because he was there and overheard the entire conversation.

D.C. Police Chief, Cathy Lanier, said at press time that the investigation is routine adding,  "Nobody has accused anybody of lying. One person says one thing, one person says something else.  Nobody has made an allegation that an officer is lying or covering anything up."

Thanks to the secret service officers story, Chris Brown may be vindicated of any crime. Speaking of which, the singer and his bodyguard were both charged with assault for allegedly punching a man for attempting to take a picture.   None-the-less Breezy has maintained his innocence from the very beginning and both he and his bodyguard rejected plea deals because of that.   We'll find out soon enough what's going to happen to him soon enough as the singer is due back in court Feb. 20.