That's the 50 million dollar question floating around the internet these days.  One things for sure, if she is, Beyonce and Jay-Z will make that announcement when they get good and ready.  However,

I can't help but wouldn't be a bad idea to knock out all the child baring stuff now.  It would be a win, win for both her and Blue with Bey still being young and Blue gaining a sibling.  But, as tantalizing as this story may be, it's a rumor for now.  Scroll down and get the details as to how I happened on this story in the first place with Tha Wire.

Meanwhile, if anyone's been through it...Mary J has.  This is one of the main reasons she started her wonderful charity The Mary J. Blige and Steve Stoute Foundation For Advancement of Women Now, Inc. better known as (FFAWN).  Mary's charity is dedicated to helping women gain the confidence and skills necessary to reach their full individual potential.  Unfortunately, when your trying to do good things, you still have to worry about people within your own camp working against you.  That's kinda what

happened to her.  Mary's charity has come under fire.  Get all the details now with Tha Wire.

Finally, Big Boi dropped some breaking news on Twitter....find out what that be.  Press play now for the scoop, skinny, mess and drama.  Here's Tha Wire: