The fans have been anticipating the release of the latest album from singer Trey Songz. Well after an amazing performance on the BET Awards on Sunday, he released "Trigga" on July 2nd and if you are a Trey fan, you will not be disappointed!

He released 3 hot videos before the release of the album, to really get the hype going for the listeners. This is something you don't generally see from artist whether new or established. If you are debating on purchasing the album, I would suggest you do so. Some of the standout tracks are "Foreign", "Smart Phone", 'YAS', which talks about a female being fed up with her man and "Disrespectful" which features singer Mila J. There are about 17 tracks in all, which means he is not leaving you room to complain about not having enough music. He takes you to the club, the car and the bedroom with one cd. It's well worth the money if you get the chance to purchase it and I should know. I got my copy a few days before it came out. Be on the lookout for Trey to be touring soon in support of the new album, and more videos to come soon as well.

 Trey Songz- Foreign:

Trey Songz- Smart Phone:

Trey Songz- Na Na: