Well it looks like this beef will never end.  Lil Kim recently fired off some tweets in response to one that was ALLEGEDLY posted by Nicki.  The posted appeared after President Obama announced that Osama Bid Laden was killed.  The post read "Lil Kim you next".  The tweet can no longer be found on Nicki's time line, but unfortunately a fan re-tweeted it for the world to see.

As you can imagine Kim was pissed when she seen it and wasted no time to respond.  Kim tweeted "What type of coward lame *ss B tweets some ish and then deletes it".  Kim went on somewhat of a rampage going in on Nicki's so called "10 dollar wigs" and even suggested that she get a lace front instead.  Kim followed that up by saying "Indian hair don't come in green" and rapped her tweet rant up by calling Nicki a "Twitter roach".

Nicki has yet to respond.  Wouldn't it be funny if Nicki didn't do the tweet.