Today in Tha Wire the fallout is just getting cranked-up for Ja Rule, over the disastrous Fyre Festival.  The music event was being promoted as a luxurious getaway in the paradise, with celebs at every turn, the biggest artists in the game performing live, deluxe accommodations, on and on.  When guests arrived to the Great Exuma Islands April 28, it didn't take them long to realized they weren't gonna get the vacation they paid for.  An boy did they pay. Tickets reportedly sold from 1 to 12 grand!


As previously reported the rapper co-organized the event with his business partner, Billy McFarland.  Right about now the only thing these two don't have to worry about, is being asked to organize another event for the rest of their lives. this rate it's probably gonna take them the rest of their lives to pay off all the lawsuits.

The Fyre FestivalEHL Funding
According to the latest news

Unfortunately, I gotta feeling things are gonna get worse before they get better.  As always I will keep you posted.  Get the scoop daily with Tha Wire, and only on The People's Station 107 Jamz.