It's official as of yesterday Ja Rule is now incarcerated.  Ja surrendered to New York Authorities yesterday to begin serving his 2 1/2 year prison bid for attempted weapons possession.   Ja posted a video just before he went inside thanking his fam and friends for all their love and support.

He also had this to say about how he plans to serve his time:

"I'll be in jail making it pop.  Lifting weights, playing some basketball, ping pong.  I'ma have to change m whole swag.  I'ma have to be like the ill ping pong brotha in jail."

Besides making light of the situation on a more  serious note, he knows it's not gonna a picnic.  Ja does plan to make good use of his time at the end of the day by getting his GED.  He would also like to learn how to play a instrument.

Unfortunately, he didn't get a chance to drop his new album "Pain Is Love 2" as planned do to timing.  A re-release date hasn't been issued just yet either, but we may see a video pop up on BET or MTV in the near future beings that he shot 3 already.