This Christmas one movie, that's got everybody is talking about is "Django Unchained" staring Jamie Foxx, Don Johnson, Kerry Washington, Samuel L. Jackson and Leonardo DiCaprio. 


The Quentin Tarantino flick tells the story about a slave turned bounty hunter, who along with his mentor hunts down a brutal Mississippi plantation owner who took his wife.

In addition to the anticipation of the movies premiere, excitement is also building about the movies soundtrack.  Being the jack of trades that he is Jamie Foxx, not only was involved on the production, but will also be featured on the project.  Get more details about the albums release, plus find out who else will be featured on it.

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In other news, R&B singer Ryan Leslie is gonna have to make good on his promise.  The singer was the victim of theft back in 2010 while performing in Germany.  Someone made off with his laptop and the information on the computer was so incredibly valuable, he offered $1 million dollars to anyone who returned it.  As it turns out, his laptop was returned and the person who turned it in wants his reward.  Problem is, Ryan ain't trying to pay him.  Learn why below with Tha Wire.

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In more news, Kris Humphries is pulling out all the stops in trying to cash in on the pre-nump he signed with his soon-to-be ex-wife Kim Kardashian.  No, he doesn't need the money, rather he wants pay-back......literally.  Now, the NBA star is dragging Kanye West into court and looking to get ALL the details on how and when him and Kim started seeing one another.  Why?  Get all the details now.

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