It's on now!  Jay-Z is official and you can bet his Roc Nation Sports is about to go in full gear, scooping up every high profile athlete it can.


Unfortunately, Jay-Z and Beyonce have a lot of haters.  Some are mad because their rich, and don't feel they deserve or, have put in the hard work to have what they do.  While others heard their Illuminati and actually believe it.  To those that feel that way, there's nothing Jay-Z or Beyonce can ever do, to change their minds.  And you are definitely entitled to your opinion.

However the facts are, the brotha from the Marcy projects and the sista from H-Town have extreme talent, furious work ethics and make and have made some very good business decisions.  So, the plain and simple truth's paid off.  Period.  Speaking of which, Jay-Z’s business savvy has led him to the sports world these last few years and recently the rap legend celebrated the 10-year anniversary of his 40/40 sports club franchise in New York.

An don’t get it twisted he’s still got his rap game tight too.  As a matter of fact, he’s set to release his new album soon.  Get more details about that, plus find out who Jay is looking to sign now that's he's an official agent.  It's all in Tha Wire below.

In other news, rapper Tyler, the Creator doesn't exactly have a squeaky clean rep and that‘s been well-documented in the media over the last couple of years. However, everybody has a soft side and it appears that he has a sense of humanity based on what he did a couple of days ago.  Check this out:

He's such a nice guy.........who knew?  Get the scoop on where the cloths came from below with Tha Wire.


Finally, after the Miami Heat won their second NBA championship last night, Young Money MC Drake thought he’d visit the Heat locker room and congratulate his favorite team.  However, his celebrity status didn't help him much when tried to get past the man holding down the door.  Drizzy tried to make his way into the team's locker room to take part in the celebration and was told by security, “the entry is for press and media only.”  Check this out.

I guess Drizzy really did start from the bottom.  It’s not clear if security knew who Drake was, but it was evident they he didn't care.  Listen to Tha Wire to get the skinny on all of today's juicy details.  Press play now: