Jay-Z isn't just a Hip Hip icon, he's well known for his superior business sense.  From his 40/40 Club franchise, Sean Carter clothing line, ownership in the Brooklyn Nets, Jigga is a beast when it comes to making good business decisions.


Speaking of which, he recently made another one.  According to reports he's going to be working real close with one of Hip Hop's most beloved producers.....Timbaland.  By the way, this isn't the first time the two have worked with one another.  Timbaland produced some of Jay-Z's biggest hits like, "Big Pimpin" and "Dirt Off Your Shoulder".

Plus, most recently the two hook-up again to do Justin Timberlakes new single "Suit & Tie"


In other news, 50 Cent is putting in work this year with more films.  For starters he's got two going to the big screen, a drama series going to Starz and hoping to add a comedy animated series on FOX.  As the G-Unit general continues his journey in acting, you'll never guess who's started a petition to get a G-Unit reunion album off the ground.  Get the details below with Tha Wire.


In the meantime, as previously reported Snoop Lion has come under fire for converting to Rastafarianism by various longtime members, including Bunny Wailer.  However, the criticism hasn't kept him from moving forward with his transition.  As a matter of fact, Snoop has documented his religious pilgrimage in a new film called Reincarnated.

Here's a sample of his journey:

Unfortunately, depending were you live all your gonna get is a sample, because this film is only coming to select theaters.  Find out which ones now.  Plus get the scoop on all of today's juicy details with Tha Wire here.  Press play now: