Jennifer Lopez is being sued over the new Fiat commercial.  First, reports surfaced that she actually filmed her parts of the commercial in L.A. rather than in her hometown the Bronx.  Now, she's being sued for showcasing a graffiti-covered wall by a South Bronx graffiti crew called TATS Cru. The appearance of the artwork has sparked all kinds of drama because the image is copyrighted and was used without TATS Cru's permission.

The Fiat commercial shows the TATS mural reading "I Love the Bronx" with love being replaced by a spray painted heart.  The wall of graffiti was used in the clip because it sits underneath the Bruckner Expressway and the No. 6 train station, a train the J-Lo used to ride everyday when she was growing up.  The train station also served as the inspiration for the tittle of her debut LP On The 6.



STATS crew member Wilfredo Feliciano told the New York Times "That's enough, this has happened to us in the past and it's not cool.  We had to do something about it".  So far there has no comment from J-Lo or camp.