A recent concert at Clayton's Bar & Grill, turned into a straight up nightmare for R&B singer Jeremih.  The crowd was already irritated because the show got off to a late start.  To matters worse when Jeremih finally did take to the stage.......

he started "lip-syncing"!  Or at least, that's was the angry crowd thought.  Let's just say, he didn't get any Southern Hospitality for that.  Jeremih, however, is denying that and told TMZ  "I would never lip sync period.  I am way to talented to do that.  I am not the type of artist that has no voice."

Needless to say, the audience was pissed!  And they let him know it too.  They started booing and followed that up with throwing drinks at him!  Check this out, here's video of what happened.



Crazy right? Well, Jeremih has now addressed the situation by saying that technical issues were the problem. He's saying that the promoters didn't prepare the stage or provide the right equipment for him, but he performed, or tried too, anyway.  As far as the drinks being thrown, Jeremih says he was hit with a bottle thrown by a man whose girlfriend threw her underwear onstage.

After getting splashed, he chucked the deuces, cut the gig short and walked off stage.  To make matters even worse, the club had to give everyone their money back, which came out to about $30 per person.