It's been a crazy year for the Jackson family.  For starters the siblings have been at odds for a while and things came to a head earlier this year with a major family dispute.

Jermaine Jackson-getty images

The Jackson family turmoil worsened when Paris Jackson, Michael's daughter went on Twitter asking for help because she couldn't find her grandmother.  Literally.  The Jackson family matriarch had for some unknown reason, disappeared.  It was so bad that Marlin, Tito and Jackie went on national TV because they didn't know where she was.

Now obviously, they knew WHO took her and possible even why but they refused to say.  However, they clearly shaken because of her disappearance.  The whole thing was weird.  Now that that's over, all of sudden at the tender age of 57 Jermaine Jackson has decided that he wants to change his name.  Tune in below and listen Tha Wire to find out why.

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In other news speaking of people changing their name, Snoop Dogg informed his fans a few months ago that he had changed his name to Snoop Lion.  On top of that the iconic rapper is putting the final touches on a full length reggae album.  His lead off single is a joint called "La La La" and here's the video.


What cha think?  Get more details below with Tha Wire on the upcoming album and documentary.  Meanwhile, the clean-up continues in the East as people try to restore their lives after super storm Hurricane Sandy.  Thousands are still without people, but neighbors in one New York highrise are thanking a Hip-Hop angel by the name of Jay-Z for footing the bill on a generator powerful enough to power the entire building.

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In other good news, T.I., Kirko Bangz and more are giving back this weekend to a variety of youth charities at the NX Level Entertainment and Live Nation concert.  The highly anticipated event will take place in Arizona with a ton of performances and surprise guest throughout the evening.  Get the low down on this and all of the above now with Tha Wire.  Press play now: