It's going from bad to worse for former Chicago congressman Jesse Jackson Jr.  He and his wife are facing serious charges that could possibly send them both to jail.

Jessie Jackson Jr.-Youtube

Things are already pretty rough for the Jackson family as, Jesse Jackson Jr. was forced to retire after winning re-election do to his bipolar disorder.  The sickness according to his father, 71-year old civil rights activist Jessie Jackson, his son has been "struggling with highs and lows" for the past 8 months or more.

Now comes word he's under doctors orders to rest as he's being medicated to help stabilize his condition. Problem is, he and his wife are up to their necks in legal trouble.  To make matters worse, their both looking at time in prison.  Find why and more below with Tha Wire.

Chris Bosh and wife Adrienne-Facebook

In other news, what's the deal with Lil Wayne, the NBA and his accusations about The Heats Chris Bosh and his wife?  One minute he's at every NBA game, then he's beefing with players from The Heat and next thing you know he's being put out of a game and allegedly being ban from ALL NBA events.  Here's Weezy going into a bizarre rant about his feelings about the NBA and a couple of other things:

Turns out the NBA has a different outlook than Weezy and details surrounding his relationship with Chris Bosh's wife are slowly being revealed.  Get the scoop below with Tha Wire.


Finally, Cory Miller AKA C-Murder has been locked-up since 2002, for the murder of a 16-year fan at a nightclub.  Through the years the rappers has tried to get his conviction overturn, however to date he's been unsuccessful.  He's been convicted of the same crime twice.  The first time was in a trial in 2003, which was overturned on appeal.   The 41-year went on trial a second time in 2009 and ended up being convicted again.

Because theirs been a lot of discrepancies with the case and jury member, he filed for an appeal again.  Get the latest on his fate and the rest of today's juicy news.  Press play to hear Tha Wire now: