When you are a music fan there is no way that you can avoid the influence of hip hop and how it's shaped the way we listen to music. Last night the funny Jimmy Fallon got together with friend and show favorite Justin Timberlake and they killed the History Of Hip Hop 6.

They go from everything to Public Enemy to Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince to Fetty Wap. There is no denying that hip hop has basically taken over the music industry and when you have one of the hottest pop stars and late nights number one tv host paying homage to the music. Then you have to accept that this is the music that will never leave. Check out the clip of the guys killing it on the show.


This is something that you have to enjoy. Whether it's R. Kelly or the Beastie Boys. Hip Hop has spawned a strong line of music favorites and artist that you can't help but to enjoy. I have been a fan of Jimmy Fallon for a while now and aside from the fact that he has one of the greatest hip hop bands The Roots backing his show. He has shown that he has a love for Hip Hop and you can't help but to be a fan.