Joe fans everywhere are sitting on the edge of their seats as they anticipate the release of his ninth studio album.  If all goes well, Joe has pegged early Fall for the release of "The Good, The Bad, The Sexy".In a brief interview with, Joe talked about the state R&B is in, saying  "R&B has pretty much went pop now.  There's really no one defining R&B these days.  Everyone wants to go with the wave.  And I understand it.  It's a struggle out here to continue to do what you's a struggle for all of us in the R&B game to deliver good music, remain honest, do what you're doing, and be successful at it as well".

So far "The Good, The Bad, The Sexy" has a release date of August 30th.  According to Joe, it'll have all the sensual love songs he's famous for plus a little European dance flavor too.  Be on the look out!