It took me a minute to absorb the fact that Joshua didn't make the final two.  I was confident that he was going to make it through.  Phillip Phillps is a great singer, however he's not as great as Joshua.

I do think that Jessica should have made it, but Joshua should have been going with her.  Not trying to take anything away from him -- but Phillip Phillips doesn't have the pipes that Joshua does.  Nor the stage presence or showman ship.  That's just the truth.  At the end of the day, it's a competition and someone has to lose.  After 90 million votes were cast, the Pride of Louisiana is voted off "American Idol."

Now that that's said -- make no mistake Joshua Ledet is going to have a massive career! We will see him again.  Trust me!  Case in point -- Jennifer Hudson didn't win 'Idol' and look at her now, baby.  Her career has soared, from blockbuster movies to number one albums, endorsement deals and tons of awards.  She's bigger than Fantasia, and Fantasia won "American Idol."  So there you have it.  He's gonna be just fine.

Joshua, you did your best and that's all you can do.  It's all good.  Know this ... you are a winner!  Your music career has only just begun!  WE LOVE YOU!

I've been trying for 40 minutes to get you guys video of his last performance, but I couldn't any at this time.  I will update this post later.  Stay tuned.