Thankfully, they didn't make us wait till the end.  Joshua was the first Idol to find out he was safe.  America, you got it right!

He deserves to stay.  He cut up yesterday, with two flawless performances that once again brought the judges to their feet.  I look forward to see what he's gonna do next!  Pat yourselves on the back, you did good.  I voted till I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore.  I think they said more than 50 million people voted for last night contestants.  Amazing right?

OK people, our work has only just begun.  It's really gonna get crazy now that there's only 6 left.  Get some finger exercise, cause we got to be on top of things next week.  Sadly enough, Colton Dixon was given his walking papers.  Last night, wasn't a good night for him and America voted him off tonight. I have a feeling we'll be hearing from him again.

Joshua Ledet, Louisiana's own, is in American Idol's top 6!  Wow!!  Here's another recap from last night!