19 year old teen sensation Justin Bieber has been hit with a paternity suit.  A 20 year old woman claims she and the Biebs meet and had sex backstage after one of his concerts.  The woman is demanding he take the test and provide support for her 3 month old baby boy.

There's much more to this story so, make sure you listen to Tha Wire for all the details.  Will Justin be forced to take the test?  What does he have to say about these allegations?






Speaking of allegations, frontrunner contestant Stacie Francis of the Fox hit show X Factor is being accused of being a fraud.  She has come under fire by anti-fan site Vote For The Worst, Radar Online and even Perez Hilton.  What has she done?  Who's got her back?  Will all this drama hurt her chances of winning the competition?  Get the scoop with Tha Wire.

Rick Ross is saying that he's good.  In his very first TV apperance since he suffered two seizures back to back, Rozay took time out to address his fans.  Listen in and find out what "The Boss" had to say about his recent health scare now with Tha Wire: